In the News – Pilot Study on Finasteride Side Effects for Right Handed vs Left Handed Men

Snippet from the study abstract:

To investigate the relationships between pharmacologically induced deprivation of dihydrotestosterone, sexual arousal, libido and hand preference, by comparing the self-reported sexual response prior to and during reception of the anti-androgen finasteride in men undergoing treatment for male pattern baldness.

In total, 33 sexually healthy Romanian men participated in this study. Patients prospectively provided information regarding their sexual functioning (over 4 weeks), as measured by the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) prior to and after commencing treatment with 1 mg finasteride for male pattern baldness.

Block Quote

Read the full abstract — A pilot study on the sexual side effects of finasteride as related to hand preference for men undergoing treatment of male pattern baldness.

The results of this pilot study indicate that there may be a connection between sexual side effects due to a reduction in DHT and handedness.

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2 thoughts on “In the News – Pilot Study on Finasteride Side Effects for Right Handed vs Left Handed Men

  1. Does it actually say the number of people who experienced side effects and what number were right/left handed? Cant read the full article here.

  2. The numbers aren’t given in the abstract but it does say right handed men experienced no change or slightly lower sexual function whilst left handed men experienced no change or higher sexual function.

    That would suggest that the majority experienced no change. And that right and left handed outliers had vaguely different responses. As the entire study only used 33 men over a 4 week period though I’m not sure it’s enough to show a trend or be of much use

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