Why Do You Carry Revivogen In Your Office Now?

Dr. Rassman,

I noticed you sell Revivogen in your office. I thought you do not endorse or believe these products work! What gives?

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For the record, I do not endorse many products out there. I still maintain my buyer beware mantra, and I will be the first to say this to all my patients. But I also recently acquired a Dermatology / Cosmetic practice (Wilshire Center for Dermatology) and expanded my medical services with new physicians who offer non-hair related services.

The office also sells a variety of skin and hair care products, and Revivogen is just one of the many products we offer. Revivogen is a natural supplement (non-medical) line of products.

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10 thoughts on “Why Do You Carry Revivogen In Your Office Now?

  1. Here is what you said about REVIVOGEN : “The study doesn’t show anything about actual hair loss treatment results on living humans, so if the Revivogen makers are using it as a sales point, I hope people actually take a moment to look at the study first and judge for themselves. I’d expect most consumers would want the treatment they purchased to actually have proof that it works as advertised on living people… not just in theory based on lab results. Also, the study was not peer-reviewed, which means it wasn’t checked for errors or reliability.

    I’ve already made it clear about the hair loss treatments I’ll give a thumbs up to (FDA approved finasteride and minoxidil), but if you want to try unproven treatments then please, by all means, do so. Revivogen ingredients include saw palmetto and numerous vitamins in a topical treatment and they claim no side effects. While that could be true, if this was the magic bullet to hair loss treatment it would be universally recommended. Instead, the product is just another in a long line of “all natural” treatments that I wouldn’t expect to provide much help aside from lightening your wallet and dashing your hopes.”

    So PLEASE Dr Rassman oh please, WHY do you sell it now?
    I know asking a question i already know the answer is not so nice Mr Rassman, but….. i think u owe a little honesty to your readers. it Would be much appreciated.

    But… Dr Rassman, if NOW you think REVIVOGEN is working for MPB.. please tell us, we would all be so happy to have a new “effective” treatment :)

    Many Thanks from Paris Dr Rassman.

  2. This is very odd considering how outspoken Dr. Rassman is about “natural” products like this. Really surprised he hasn’t responded.

  3. Just because you sell shampoo doesn’t mean you are saying it is the cure for hair loss.

    Why can’t someone just sell good shampoo that makes your hair look good? Sheesh.

  4. I do not endorse this product as something that will grow hair, but there has been an interest by our patients in an easy way to get some of these products that we hadn’t carried before.

    I never stated it grows hair or that you should buy it, but it is one of the MANY products that are offered at my new office (which now includes a skin care / dermatology practice).

    If you want me to be a purist and sell no products at all, it really isn’t possible. My office now carries wrinkle creams, shampoos, cosmetic makeup for the scalp (DermMatch, etc).

  5. So you are admitting you sell products that make bogus health claims. Including claims about the industry you specifically work in. If you want people to trust your judgement/opinion here perhaps you should reconsider this. Or just come right out and say you need the money. That would at least be honest.

  6. The fact that we sell Revivogen in the office is not an endorsement of the product’s ability to grow hair. Another very popular shampoo is Nioxin which is thought to grow hair by many young men, but it does not, at least there is no proof in it as a hair restoration agent. When people ask about Nioxin, I tell them that it is a good shampoo, nothing more. I have not differentiated the value of either of these products, but advertising what it is, promotes value well beyond reality. I hope that I have cleared this up for those of you who challenged me.

  7. Wow, this is a big deal! Now that he has Revivogen available in his office I look forward to hearing what his patients say. If they were the ones demanding it then they must have been using it before or wanting to try it. Hopefully we’ll have some feedback from Dr. Rassman and his personal views on how Revivogen works for his patients. =)

  8. Dr. Rassman. I’m sure you can understand the confusion here. If you were just selling regular shampoo that didn’t make claims about regrowing hair I don’t think anybody would care. But you do sell products that you admit are a fraud in terms of what they claim. What is the explanation for that?

    I think you blog is a fantastic resource for debunking a lot of myths and claims about hair loss. I’ve been to your office and you seem like a very nice respectful guy. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. But this just makes no sense. Surely if you want to offer shampoo’s you could choose to sell quality products that aren’t ripping people off (I say ripping off because of the claims are bogus….than yea..people are getting ripped off.).

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