I’m Seeing Baby Hairs Growing at My Hairline After Taking Propecia for 8 Months!

Hello doctor,

I’ve been on propecia for about 8 months and its going well my hair is stronger and the crown is looking better every day..

I’ve noticed some long thin white ‘baby’ hairs on the front of my head where my hair recedes that were never there before. Could I be one of the lucky ones and get hair growth on my front too?!

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Perhaps you are one of those rare lucky patients that sees some regrowth at the hairline from Propecia (finasteride). It would be nice to see your before and after pictures.

What you are calling ‘baby’ hair is not the strong hair that you need to consider it regrowing, but give it a full two years to see what emerges.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Baby Hairs Growing at My Hairline After Taking Propecia for 8 Months!

  1. I’m one of those lucky individuals who has had frontal regrowth with propecia. I realise it’s unusual but it does happen. I actually started propecia in the hopes of slowing down any further recession while I planned for a transplant surgery but a few years in now I haven’t needed surgery since the hairline has re-established.

    I too noticed the first wave of hair was the fine velus hair but this sprouted thicker terminal hair after a few more months. Straggly bits at first but even the corners recovered somewhat. If you don’t see some proper thick terminal hairs in the next couple of months you might not be getting full regrowth but it certainly is a possibility. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Paul,

    I’m too was looking to get a frontal HT as the crown and middle look ok.
    Now seeing those whispers coming through the front I’m hoping for the best, I can even see some dark hairs coming through..

    Hopefully my only problem now will be getting cheaper propecia!

  3. Congrats guys. Wish I was lucky as you guys. I have had some growth but not a lot.

    I would be nice to see some before and after hair line pictures of you guys.

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