hey doctor. I’m just wondering if I have a mature hairline or is it more? my hairline has certainly changed from when I was 18. also I cannot understand why one side seems to be receding more than the other and has been for years! I have naturally thin hair.

I have attached a picture that tracks my right side for over 2 years. a recent picture with my hair wet and also with a styling product in and then the left side which does not seem to change. you can use this for you site if you like.

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Thanks for allowing us to publish your photos. I didn’t use all of them, but I think our readers will get the idea. Click them to enlarge.


Some men do not bald symmetrically, and in your case, that seems to be what is happening. The left side appears to be a mature hairline and the right side appears to be beyond just the mature stage. Propecia is a good drug to help slow down the process, though I wouldn’t expect regrowth there necessarily.

Since you indicated that you’re in the UK, I would suggest visiting a specialist like Dr. Bessam Farjo with offices in London and Manchester, so you can get an expert opinion on your hair loss situation.

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