Whenever I Eat Red Meat, The Next Day I Have Scalp Hair Loss and More Body Hair!

Hi, I’m a 22 years old male. I have a very strange situation. I didn’t have MPB before, at least it wasn’t noticeable. I was a vegetarian for some time, but then I started eating meat again, but not red meat. One day I decided to eat red meat again, then the next die I noticed some balding on my temples and increase in body hair.

Everytime I exercise or eat red meat, the next day I wake up with more hair lost and thicker body hair. It’s not a coincidence.

But why? I started taking Proscar, and I get the same effect as eating red meat the next morning: more hair loss and thicker body hair.

What can I do? Every solution for hair loss just comes back and bites me from where I least expect it. If it’s because of testosterone, does this mean that I had low and stable levels until I started eating meat again?

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SteakHair loss or growth does not happen overnight. For that matter, the texture of your hair does not change overnight either. Your body just does not work that way. The biology of hair cycling is in the order of weeks to months.

If you decide to abstain from red meat that is your prerogative, but I do not believe there is an overnight correlation with eating meat and the changes in your hair.

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