How Long Does It Take for a Norwood 5 to Take Shape?

Dear Dr Rassman

I am a 19 year old male with a Norwood 3 balding pattern. I was wondering whether it is possible for hair loss to stabilise before a NW4 or larger phase occurs?

Also how long does it take for someone who is destined for a NW5+ to become a NW5 from a NW3?

Thank you very much

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The Norwood hair loss patterns are not meant to be seen as a progression of hair loss, but rather how you fit into a certain pattern trait. You can be a Norwood 3 your entire life once the pattern forms. Or you can be an early Norwood 5 in your 20s (now) and eventually lose all your hair in this pattern to a full, clearly defined Norwood 5 later on in life. So there’s no defined length of time for a pattern to fully emerge, as everyone is different.

In general, you can tell by looking at your pattern under a bright light when your hair is wet. In the office we also have the luxury of seeing if there is a pattern using miniaturization mapping and taking hair bulk measurements.

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