Did The Great Hairline / Thin Top Patient Take Propecia?

did this patient you mentioned last week take propecia by any chance as well? I just want to know as to if he lost non transplant hair after the transplant through the years was it with or without propecia

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So everyone is up to speed, the post from last month you’re referring to is here — Great Hairline, Thin Top and Crown, Low on Donor Hair

This patient did not take Propecia (finasteride) over the period of time we worked with him. Many people who are satisfied with their transplant results don’t “officially” recognize that they have a progressive process and in men like this, practicing denial as it goes on is common. In older men (like this man, over 40 years old), their decision to not take Propecia is common, as these men feel as if they beat the balding process and will not bald more over time. And in men over 40, this is not an unreasonable conclusion as the balding process often slows or stops on its own — but clearly this man lost his gamble as his balding pattern acted as if he was in his 20s, not 40s.

When I see a man under 35 years old losing hair, I stress the need for Propecia to guarantee, as much as possible, that the balding process has slowed or stopped. It is often a battle between us, as no one really wants to take the drug, especially with good transplant results. I can not stress the importance of staying on the drug to stop the type of changes that this man had and although there is no real guarantee, it is reasonable to take the drug for life.

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