More Info on Generic Propecia in the US

Dr Reddy's 1mg finasterideWe received quite a few phone calls and emails after yesterday’s post about Dr Reddy’s 1mg finasteride (generic Propecia) now becoming available in the US, so we called some pharmacies in the Los Angeles area to get pricing/availability info:


In stock! $47.37 per 30 day supply at Hawthorne, CA location (compared to $73.92 for name brand Propecia). Costco has an online price checker, but it’s not showing the 1mg generic in the system yet.


In stock! $67.99 per 30 day supply at Los Angeles location on La Cienega (compared to $73.92 for name brand Propecia)


In stock! $70 per 30 day supply (compared to $98 for name brand Propecia)


Not in stock as of this posting (Jan 8, 2013)


Not in stock as of this posting (Jan 8, 2013)

Rite Aid:

Not in stock as of this posting (Jan 8, 2013)

There isn’t a significant savings from the generic at CVS or Target, but Costco has the lowest price so far at under $48/mo. It doesn’t seem like there will be a huge drop in price until perhaps the 180 day exclusive window is up and other pharmaceutical companies can make their generic Propecia available. I have no estimates on what the price point might be 6-12 months from today, but I hope the price does come down considerably in that time.

Pricing and availability could change at any point, so you should call your local pharmacy for info.

Photo source: Twitter @KerriLynn_C (hat tip to KP)

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5 thoughts on “More Info on Generic Propecia in the US

  1. Those prices are still too high. You can get a 30-day supply of generic 5mg Finasteride for $9 at Target…that’s 4-5 months worth if you are cutting it up.

  2. With insurance (I pay $9 instead of $25) I get 100 days of Finasteride (5mg/4). That’s 9c a day… why these companies are still charging a $1 a day is baffling.

  3. Dr. Reddy’s has a 6-month exclusive window for selling generic 1mg. When this window ends I would imagine lower cost options becoming available. Most likely not dropping as low as the 5mg pill-split price mentioned above though, unfortunately.

  4. I just left my Target RX here in KC and paid $53.00 for a month’s supply.

    Yes….I too have been cutting the 5MG Finastride, but wanted to try the 1 MG generic equivalent. It is NOT blue, btw. And I called my Target prior to having my doctor fill the script, just to ensure it would be on hand.

    Interestingly, it did NOT come in a pre pack as some of the pix have shown. It was packaged in the red Target bottle.

    Anyway…let’s see what happens after 180 days… the price.

    Dr. M

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