My Hair Keeps Going Through Seasonal Sheds That Worry Me

Dear doctor,

I am a 22 years old male with very little family history of male pattern baldness. Yet a few months ago (I think last may or april) I started to experience some drastic hair loss. I was literally shedding all over my clothes, the tub, the kitchen floor… As I grew really desperate I went to visit a dermatologist who told me I was going through telogen effluvium. I actually changed my diet at the beginning of the year by becoming a vegetarian, so I figured it made sense that my hair would undergo a moment of weakness. I took various vitamins for two months or so and things seemed to get better until october.

I have always been very sensitive to the changing of season, hair-wise, so it didn’t worry me at first, but now I find it weird that this is still going on to the present day. But what confuses me the most is the nature of my sheds. I had already noticed that I would lose hair that were a lot shorter than the others (my hair is mid-long), although they seemed to have the same thickness. This could all be a result of effluvium. However, I started to find these days hairs that were thinner than what they should be… Some of them have a normal length but are just pretty thin and fuzzy. Others are also really small… I have no visible recession of my hairline (yet ?). I can tell my hair still fall from all over my head, even in the areas never affected by AGA. But I am scared to death, are those tiny sheds a definite sign of MPB ?

I hope you will answer my message. Sorry if I made a few mistakes. Regards.

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You should get baseline measurements on your hair bulk to determine the significance of the shedding, and quantify just how much hair you are losing over time.

As for a seasonal shedding, I’ve had a few reports emailed to me from readers over the years about this, but there is no medical explanation that I know of for it. Humans have asynchronous hair growth, which means that we do not shed in seasons, but do so relatively uniformly over the year.

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