Worried About My Hairline, And I Don’t Have Local Access to a Hair Doctor (with Photos)

I would greatly appreciate some feedback regarding my frontal hairline. It appears that my corners have thinned/ receded during the last couple years. I am 23 years old male. I’m concerned about my hair line at the moment and questioning what would be an appropriate approach to take. Would Propecia and Rogaine be a smart idea? I currently live in an area which does not have local access to a physician regarding hair loss, although this is something I’m looking into. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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It does appear that you are experiencing early hair loss with a Norwood class 3 pattern showing at this time. There is erosion of the corner hairline with thinning present. At your age, the best treatment would be finasteride (Propecia or the generic form of it) as it would be likely to stop the process. Your family doctor can prescribe finasteride 5mg to you and then you would cut them into quarters and take 1/4 per day.

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