In the News – Teenager with Alopecia Traveling to Great Wall of China to Raise Awareness

Snippet from the article:

Alice FrostA teenage alopecia sufferer from Northamptonshire will complete a trek of The Great Wall of China to raise awareness about the condition.

Alice Frost, aged 16, of Denton, has been suffering from the condition, which causes severe hair loss, for about three years. She will take on the nine-day expedition with her 18-year-old sister, Sally, in September, and the pair hope to raise £7,200 for the trek and for the Alopecia UK charity.

Alice first lost a large amount of her hair while on a school trip to China and she said the expedition would take her back to a fitting place.

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The article wasn’t clear on what kind of alopecia she has, but it appears to be totalis or possibly universalis. I congratulate young Ms. Frost on her courage and her desire to raise awareness.

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