I’m 25 Years Old and Wondering If My Hairline Matured? (with Photos)


I’m 25 years old. Writing to determine if this appears to be MPB or a maturing hairline. Pictures with green walls are current.

I have also attached an image from April 2012, 2009 (black button down shirt) & 2005 (light blue shirt) in an attempt to show if there is or is not any progression since juvenile hair line.

My haircut is now more razor edged, not sure if this is contributing to my concerns. I believe I’m in pretty good shape hair line wise at 25, but will further pursue this if you feel MPB could be the case.

If you would like me to take clearer pictures for the use on the website let me know. I realize it is hard to tell without properly examining, any advice is appreciated.

Thank you

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Click the photos to enlarge:


The photos are a little blurry, but it appears that your hairline is just maturing. I didn’t post the photos from 2005 or 2009, because they were way too small for the site… but from 2005 to 2009, there did appear to be some hairline maturation. And now in 2013, your hairline appears to have continued to mature. If it is just maturation, that is normal.

There’s no way for me to know just by the photos if your hair is miniaturizing elsewhere on your scalp, though. You would need to have an in-person examination to determine that. But overall, your hairline appears strong and based on the photos (see above), I don’t see a concern.

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