My Hair Transplant Looked Great at 5 Months, Not As Great at 8 Months Post-Operative

My question is regarding post operative transplant shedding. For a little background, I’m a 26 year old male on Propecia for 2 years and exactly 8 months out of a 2000 graft hair transplant all in the frontal part of the scalp. At 5 months, my results were excellent, a very dense, even result with a natural looking appearance and texture. Since that time, however, I have noticed an increased thinning in my hairline; leaving a more see-through appearance. This has been coupled with a more “pluggy” texture. Furthermore, at 6 months, I noticed an increase in shedding but it has slowed down in the last 6 weeks.

My 8 month result is still great but there’s a visible difference in the last three months. Is this merely a part of the natural process for some patients and can’t be judge too quickly in my first year growth? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, let me know if you need extra information to answer my question.

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Why don’t you follow up with your doctor with these issues? A pluggy texture is not good. Thinning may be related to continued (normal) genetic hair loss that may have happened without surgery. Shock loss is generally seen in the first month or two after the surgery.

In general, results of a hair transplant surgery can be seen in as early as the 2nd month all the way up to 12 months. Most see results in about 6-8 months. I couldn’t tell you why your results looked better at 5 months than they do at 8 months, though.

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  1. I also noticed a slight thinning at the 7-10 month mark after my two successful transplants. It even came back looking even stronger. It must have been a shed. Be patient. Hair is always changing.

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