Protein Shakes and Hair Loss

With all of the questions being asked about protein shakes, are there any that you would recommend? Is there any kind of “regular” whey out there. I try to take protein shakes everyday, but I don’t want them is they have steroids in them. I don’t want them if they are similar to steroids. Regular protein is supposed to by good for the hair not hell on the hair.

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While I don’t endorse any particular protein shake, I don’t know that they’ve been proven to make hair fall out. Your genetic predisposition makes your hair fall out. Protein shakes are not anabolic steroids.

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2 thoughts on “Protein Shakes and Hair Loss

  1. Some sport supplement shakes contain herbal testosterone boosters and briefly in the 80s a number were spiked with steroids to create word of mouth sales but you won’t see that these days.

    If you want to avoid any herbal testosterone boosters buy a pure isolate whey or a natural organic whey protein shake. There are many brands that promote pure whey powders with no added ingredients (other than preservatives).

  2. I think Paul has made some good comments there. There is a wide selection of protein supplements available on the market, some better than others. I always recommend using the purest, best quality protein you can afford. Ideally this would be whey protein isolate, but concentrate is ok too. It just contains a little more fat. I’ve been taking them for years and they haven’t given me any problems with my hair.

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