Results of dutasteride trials have been nothing less than impressive, particulary the study conducted by Olsen et al (2006) indicating that dutasteride at both 0.5mg and 2.5 mg/day generated a superior hair count to finasteride 5mg at 12 and 24 weeks. Anecdotal evidence has also suggested that dutasteride is an optimal hair loss treatment; is exemplary of its efficacy, in addition, the many thousands that are using it for hair loss purposes. I have also been in correspondence with one of the twins in this study. He has been on a daily dutasteride dose of 0.5mg since day one and the results are astounding.

Additionally, dutasteride has now been approved in Australia as a hair loss treatment since mid 2011. Despite not being FDA approved, is the current literature and anecdotal evidence still not enough to substantiate that dutasteride is a superior treatment to finasteride?

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I haven’t heard of such dutasteride approval in Australia as a hair loss treatment. I can only find a public assessment report from Australia’s drug regulatory agency (Therapeutic Goods Administration) dating to January 2011 about the drug being approved for treating BPH, which is what the US FDA also has approved it for. Do you have a link handy so I can read more about the approval since mid 2011?

There is evidence that dutasteride is superior to finasteride for treating hair loss, but there are probably more complications, such as loss of libido, with dutasteride. And more importantly, the subject of sterility is still an open issue as far as I am concerned.

I generally prefer my patients to try finasteride first, and if it fails to achieve the desired goals and the patient is aware of the risks discussed above, then I have written prescriptions for dutasteride after I’ve developed a relationship with my patient. It is on a case by case basis, though.

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