In the News – Men Who Bald by 40 Years Old Are More Likely To Get Prostate Cancer

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Men who go bald by the time they reach 40 may be at increased of getting prostate cancer at an early age, according to new research.

Scientists who studied hair loss patterns in nearly 10,000 men found those who experienced receding hair lines early in life were more likely to suffer a tumour later on. The findings, by a team of researchers in Australia, support earlier studies suggesting baldness could be linked with prostate cancer.

The reasons why are not clear but previous studies indicate it may be due to higher levels of testosterone, the hormone which can trigger the development of cancerous cells but also inhibit hair growth. In baldness, it’s thought high testosterone levels have an adverse affect on the hair follicles, acting on a hormone receptor to slow down hair production.

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Read the rest — Men who go bald by the age of 40 are more likely to get prostate cancer

There are relationships between crown balding and coronary artery disease that have been reported as well.

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