My Trichologist Said My Greasy Scalp, Itchiness, and MPB Are Connected

Greasy scalp/itch and MPB. Are these all connected?

I went to see a trichologist recently who told me that she could see plenty of miniaturised hairs at my crown. She also commented on how greasy my scalp was and said that this was linked with my hair thinning and the itchiness which i’d reported was probably also to do with this grease.

Can you confirm if this is true? My hair is itching/greasier again this week and I notice that I do have more hair fall when it gets like this.

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Male pattern balding is a genetic trait. Greasy scalp is just a greasy scalp (unless there is a genetic cause of excess sebum production from the hair follicles of the scalp). People who have a full head of hair can have a greasy scalp. Same goes for an itchy scalp. There can be numerous reasons for this, such as dryness, dandruff, hair products, lice, poor hygiene, etc.

I do not believe genetic hair loss, greasy scalp, and itchy scalp are connected. In my opinion, it is a old wives’ tale. If you’re scratching your head and pulling your hair out because of it, that might explain the thinning. Otherwise, I don’t know of a proven correlation.

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