I Had Multiple Hair Transplants and the Hair Fell Out After 5 Years

Had my first transplant (flap rotation) at age 19 in 1985 (big mistake). Continued to bald behind flap and put up with stares from strangers until 2005 when had 3000 fue put in front and behind flap. Grew out well, no stares, felt pretty normal, life was great.

Problem April 2010, nearly all 3000 fue fell out after 5 years of growing, all in about a 6 month period. Back to being stared at. September 2010 had another 3000 fue (2000 scalp 1000 beard) put in front and behind flap by same reputable FUE surgeon. Grew out well again, but now starting to fall out and started getting stared at again.

Had blood work done but all clear for thyroid, lupus, iron etc. Have used 2.5mg Proscar for many years and not changed regime. Not on any medications known to cause hair loss. Getting very desperate as no donor left for more transplants. Any ideas on what could be going on ? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

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There is clearly something going on and you need to address your issues with your surgeon.

I sound like I’m a broken record, but body hair / beard hair does not follow the same growth cycle as scalp hair and it is not considered the standard in hair transplant surgery. I have seen many failures of body hair transplant patients performed by doctors all over the world.

Some surgeons use grafts from outside of the donor area, and FUE grafts taken from the non-permanent areas can fall out, as this may be genetically triggered and accelerated. For clarity, the permanent zone is 2 1/2 inches high and can be measured above the notch on the back of the skull and around the sides of the head.

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