Doc.. does minoxidil have to be rubbed into the scalp to be effective. I feel like my hair is soaking it up when I do that.

Also my hair looks much worse with it. Even if I use it just at night and wash it out. It seems to effect the texture. If i go a few days without it my hair returns to normal looking much better. I guess that’s the trade off. Wish I never started it.


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Minoxidil is for use on the scalp, not the hair. Unfortunately, much of it is wasted on the hair because of the applicators and their limitations. There almost seems to be a conspiracy to design the applicators to be wasteful and more profitable for the suppliers selling the products. Maybe one day, a better applicator will come along.

Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine, and there is a video on, showing you how to apply the foam. The same application instructions apply to the liquid version, though the foam likely involves less of a mess.

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