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I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I’ve been getting my Propecia delivered in the mail via Walgreens for quite some time. I’ve always taken the Merck brand, but was surprised to see my refill was something called “Dr. Reddy’s Finasteride” made by an Indian company. The cost for 90 tablets was $183, which seems a bit high for generic.

Walgreen’s never notified me that they were changing my prescription from Merck to Dr. Reddy. Also, I’m concerned with the shipping of this product overseas and the possible very hot climate in transit. If the temperature in transit were to get into the 90’s or higher, it could be problematic for the medication.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this new generic brand that seems to be out on the market and what we should expect as a cost for a generic version. Thank you!

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We previously wrote about the generic Propecia finally being sold in the US in a couple of posts —

The cost will remain on the higher side for at least 6 months, because Dr. Reddy’s has an exclusive window to sell the generic 1mg finasteride. Once other manufacturers are able to sell their generics, I would expect the price to come down.

Dr. Reddy’s is an Indian pharmaceutical company, but they do have manufacturing facilities in the US (I’m not sure which facility their finasteride is made in, though). I would think safeguards are in place during shipping of medication to maintain proper temperatures in transit, and everything that they do is over-viewed by the FDA.

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