My Last Hair Transplant Was Over 2 Years Ago and the Scar is Still Pink

I have had 2 successful transplants, the last being about 28 months ago. My scar is still a light pink colour. My scars usually take a long time to fade, so I think this is probably normal for me. Is it possible to use lasers get the scar to fade as I would like to get SMP into the scar. Or alternatively, can you get SMP and then reduce the scar redness with lasers, or would this likely cause the SMP dots to fade too?


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If you let your hair grow out to a reasonable length, the pink color of the scar will be covered. That’s the easiest solution, really. Was your scar pink for a long while after your first hair transplant?

You may just have to wait it out. You can try topical hydrocortisone (a small dab spread over the scar) for up to to 7 consecutive days, then pull back for two weeks and try it again. This might work to lessen the pinkness.

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