Reader’s Minoxidil Theories About Side Effects

I just wanted to see what your thoughts were about my “theories” in regards to Minoxidil 5%.

Firstly, I have read online about how it has caused erectile dysfunction, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc.

Are there any studies that show that these are legitimate side effects, or are they just symptoms listed by individuals? I think it is highly possible that these individuals could be effected by the listed side effects due to psychological issues due to their hair loss, and assuming the minoxidil is causing these physiological symptoms.. What do you think?

Secondly, do you think that the failure rates of minoxidil are due to people who stop using the solution too early on, rather than the minoxidil not “working”?

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What you read on the web isn’t always true.

The official reported side effects are listed on the minoxidil insert and the drug profile (see here). Minoxidil taken orally in pill form is a blood pressure lowering mediation, so it is conceivable you can get lightheartedness and heart palpitations if your body absorbs too much of the topical. Chest pain and fainting are also possible if you’re sensitive to the medication. Erectile dysfunction is more likely to be due to a psychological issue or an underlying medical issue, rather than minoxidil.

With respect to the failure rates of minoxidil, I believe it is partly because of compliance issues. Many men and women have a hard time adhering to a twice a day schedule, and therefore do not get the full benefit of the treatment.

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2 thoughts on “Reader’s Minoxidil Theories About Side Effects

  1. I think a lot of people don’t use enough of the minoxidil and don’t apply it well. The minoxidil has to thoroughly be touching the scalp for it to be properly absorbed and have an effect.

  2. Why do people have such trouble with compliance? If you brush your teeth morning and night, you have ample time and resources to apply a bit of foam to your thinning scalp areas! Given you are supposed to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes, 10-15 seconds for applying something that might grow your hair back seems a tiny inconvenience.

    I’m sure I’m being unfair – but I really don’t understand this argument that it is so arduous. True, popping a propecia pill every day is even simpler – but it does sound like a lot of the possible future cures will be topical treatments – so I’d consider getting used to application with minoxidil. If nothing else it’s good training!

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