Androgel and Hair Loss?

I am 52 and very athletic. I started taking Androgel about 3 or 4 years ago and usually stay on a low dose (2 to 3 pumps/day) except when training hard for a marathon or triathlon (a couple a year) and I go up to 8 pumps/day. I noticed I have lost a significant amount of hair around my crown so I’m now wanting to quit Androgel for good IF there is evidence that the hair will grow back over time. Is there any evidence that this happens or have I lost that hair for good. My hair is otherwise plentiful and my hereditary traits are for thinning hair but not baldness like I am getting so I feel sure the Androgel is causing it.

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Usually, hormone induced hair loss in men is permanent. You might try minoxidil in the crown, which might grow back some of the hair. Finasteride (Propecia) may stop the progressive nature of the hair loss while you are on Androgel.

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