Hi i just want to thank you for reading my question, but i want to be taken seriously, and actually im talking seriously. my question is simple:

Does castration stop Male pattern baldness in men? I mean if you castrate yourself youre not going to lose your hair?

Please this is not a joke, I just wanna know the answer.

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There was a report of twins where one was castrated at a mental hospital many, many years ago when castration was a treatment for certain mental disorders. The non-patient twin who was not castrated lost his hair, while the castrated twin did not. This story may allude to the thought that castration may prevent the onset of androgenic alopecia, but it is not clear if it would STOP androgenic alopecia (once it has started).

I would not know how one would establish the onset of androgenic alopecia in adulthood. It is my guess you would need to be castrated in childhood (before puberty), which leads me to wonder if eunuchs had issues with balding. They probably had other issues to worry about … or not worry about.

The short answer to your question — No, and I would not recommend trying to find out by castrating yourself.

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