Finasteride Benefits Were Slow to See, But I Stuck With It and The Difference is Significant!

Great blog! I frequent it periodically and have been following some useful advice you’ve given to your readers. It has helped me, so I thought I’d share my success story (thus far).

I’m 25, and began to notice thinning according to a Norwood 4 pattern around the age 22. No doubt it would progress further seeing my father and brother are a Norwood 6 – 7. I was in denial initially, but after reading your blog I came to terms with my fate and recognized treating the issue sooner would allow me to keep my current hair longer.

After talking with my doctor, I began finasteride 1mg. I didn’t notice any significant changes for quite some time. In fact, I continued to lose hair… for a while too. After about 9 months my hair began to look healthier but I never grew new hairs. Nevertheless, my hair appeared to improve according to my girlfriend and close friends.

I can confidently say my balding had drastically reduced, if not stopped for the time being. After 1.5 years on finasteride, I decided to throw Rogaine in the mix. I’ve been using Rogaine at my hairline now for 4 months (in conjunction with finasteride). Although not perfect, my hairline is much improved. Even with wet hair, you can only detect traces of my balding. I only hope the results continue to improve.

Good luck to everyone with the fight!

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This is not an atypical story. The full value of finasteride may take up to two years to see… and adding minoxidil does work in some men, as you have clearly stated here.

Thanks for sending in your story and I hope you have continued success!

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