Can I Get SMP So My Fine Hair Doesn’t Show Scalp in Certain Lighting?

I have fine thin hair that you can see through in some lighting situations. Would SMP work in the front as well as the back as an effective concealor? I want to still keep my hair long for now and do a bit of SMP then maybe do more SMP down the road.

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Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is an effective concealer, but it is not the answer to everyone’s concealer needs. From your description, I can not determine what you look like… and without speaking with you, I can’t determine what would make you happy with your appearance.

At the least, send some pictures and schedule a telephone consultation so we can try to address your needs.

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1 thought on “Can I Get SMP So My Fine Hair Doesn’t Show Scalp in Certain Lighting?

  1. This is a great question and one I’ve pondered a bit. Under harsh lighting, the “see through” effect is caused by the reflection of the light coming off the scalp. You’d notice a shine reflecting off of a bald head regardless of its color. So I doubt inking the scalp would completely reduce the shine. However, the inking would reduce the color contrast between the hair and scalp and this would certainly help – just not 100%.

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