My Hair Loss Started at 14 Years Old!

I grabbed this from a comment left on another post on BaldingBlog…

I know how you feel I’ve been losing my hair since i was 14 as well, now at 18 I’m almost completely bald. I started using rogain when i was 15 and saw great results within the first 6 months and most of my hairline had grown back but all out sudden it fell and my hairline receded back to where it was previously. Now at 18 I’ve been on propecia for 7 months and have seen no results by itself but hopefully now that I’ve added rogaine the last couple weeks I will see better results.

Anyways I hope you have better luck then me because i know how it feels to lose hair at such a young age which complete destroyed my high school experience. Visit your doctor before its too late.

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Rogaine (minoxidil) is not effective a thwarting genetic balding when it is aggressive, particularly in someone as young as 14 years old. Finasteride (Propecia) may have been a better choice when you were 14, though on a counter note, finasteride can also have an impact in growth potential of young men going through puberty. So each and every case is different and the doctor treating the patient needs to exercise good clinical judgement when recommending treatment with risks and benefits in mind.

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