Do I Need a HairDX Test to Truly Know if Finasteride is Working?

Hello Doctor. I took minoxidil and finasteride for about a year then switched to minoxidil and avodart. i have no side effects but i can’t understand tell if finasteride or dutasteride is working on me, because i still am shedding. Some hair is growing, some hair is minimizing, and i think the medications haven’t stopped miniaturising progress. Is the only way to understand that finasteride or dutasteride works on me is to do the Hair DX test?

Thank you

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The HairDX Test for Finasteride Response should be able to tell you if you are a good responder to the medication, but the best test to find out if finasteride or dutasteride is working is to get a bulk measurement of the scalp hair in 4 different locations. It should’ve be done before the drug is taken and then at about a year after. This test (HairCheck) is the most sensitive test available today. Good documentation should include progressive photographs with the hair length the same.

With all the medication switching, what has your prescribing doctor had to say?

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