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In the latest research by scientists at the International Hair Research Foundation, the University of Brescia in Italy and the Hebrew University Medical Centre in Israel, used 45 sufferers with alopecia areata, affecting two per cent of the population.

The patients had injections on one half of their head. Some were given the PRP, some traditional steroid cream, while others received a placebo. Three treatments were given every month. Hair growth was checked by measuring the area where new hairs grew on the bald scalp. Results showed the plasma injections led to significant hair regrowth in the bald patches, compared with the placebo and the steroid treatment.

Following the publication of the study in the British Journal of Dermatology, the scientists are hoping to develop a cream, so needles won’t need to be used.

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Read the rest — The vampire ‘cure’ for baldness: Scientists inject patient’s own blood into head to stimulate hair growth’

It is important that the readers do not confuse the alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss) with the genetic male pattern balding condition called androgenic alopecia. Applying platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to androgenic alopecia has been tried over and over again, and despite many attempts to use this treatment for androgenic alopecia, hair growth has never been shown in a clinically valid, controlled study.

Although Dr Fabio Rinaldi told the Telegraph that the new treatment could also help those suffering more common hair problems like male-pattern baldness, I think he has gone overboard when he stated, “We think it can help to regrow hair on people with androgenic alopecia“. I strongly suggest that those people with classic male patterned baldness (androgenic alopecia) to not get suckered into the many doctors who have been selling this treatment for years.

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