Keratene Alphactive Retard

recently there is in Europe a new product against MPB: Keratene Retard. Some transplant clinic began to give it as an alternative to Finasteride. Some trial was done (you can see in keratene web site). What do you think about? Could be a serious effective alternative to Fina without sides?
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I have no idea what this product is about, but the name isn’t very catchy. Really, your guess is as good as mine, but be careful about believing what you read on their site. I didn’t see any info about a trial done, but if it was published in a peer reviewed journal, I’d be happy to read it.

I would not switch off of finasteride to try it, because you may pay the ultimate price — withdrawal hair loss. As always, consult with your prescribing doctor (I am not your doctor).

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