Would Anything Help to Fix a Thin Patch from a Chemical Burn Years Ago?

hello. i got a minor chemical burn a few years ago which left a thinning patch close to the back of my head. im in the military and every once in a while i get my head shaved but the thinning patch doesnt grow as much as my other hair. is there any solution to fix this like rogaine foam or something?

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If the chemical burn was a few years ago and the hair is still thin, chances are it’s not going to regrow on its own. If the loss was temporary, I would’ve expected it to regrow within a year or so.

Rogaine might provide some hair growth, but it has to be used for life. Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical process that will address the thinning area very nicely. We have performed this process on many patients with a very high satisfaction rate.

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