After Gastric Bypass a Decade Ago, I Essentially Became Bald

I noticed in 2002 slow traction alopecia I was able to have use a few tracts to cover up. After having gastric bypass in 2003 my hair started falling our to near baldness. My sister also had gastric bypass and same results. I want to be able to wear my hair in ponytail and other styles. I have a very small frame — 5ft, size 6 shoe, 110lbs. If I have to be bald I do not want to look like I am wearing a wig. What can be done?

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Acute weight loss is a known cause of balding in both men and women. Men bald in patterns and rarely bald in the donor area, while women get a diffuse balding that does not occur in patterns. You need to send me some photos of you so I understand what you mean by balding.

If what you’re seeing is advanced thinning, it can be treated with SMP as shown here. If you’re indeed seeing “near baldness” all over the entire scalp, I’m not sure what I could suggest over the internet without a physical exam and knowing more about your medical history.

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