A Remarkable Change Made from SMP on a Thinning Scalp (with Photos)

This patient came to see us after having a hair transplant (from another clinic) that still left him not a full as he would like. We offered Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) as an alternative option to having further transplant surgeries. He took this alternative option and the transformation was very exciting.

It would have taken between 3500-6000 grafts had he gone the hair transplant route and the results would have taken possibly 16 months for two procedures. The results you see here were instantaneous — no waiting period — although he had some touch-ups after the initial session.

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5 thoughts on “A Remarkable Change Made from SMP on a Thinning Scalp (with Photos)

  1. This is great! It shows that men, even with pretty advanced balding, have some good options these days. Medical therapy + hair transplants + smp can give a man the look of a good head of hair, even men who have advaced to the higher norwood levels. Very nice job Dr. Rassman.

  2. @ Austin,

    A good question! Looks to me that he’s already dying it, so perhaps he’s anticipated this problem…!

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