Scalp MicroPigmentation vs Traditional Concealers Like Toppik

I recently started using Toppik and I’m always worried that it’s going to come off on my pillow or I’ll get caught in a rain storm and have my “hair” wash away. SMP would be like a permanent Toppik, yes?

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I had a discussion with one of our hair transplant patients who continued to use Toppik to get the fullness he needed despite having a reasonable hair transplant result. This man in his late 50s received around 5500 grafts, which was not quite enough to cover his entire Norwood class 6 balding pattern, so he became dependent upon using concealers like Toppik and DermMatch even after the transplants were completely grown in.

This patient is a daily swimmer, and with his primary exercise being in the pool he was always wearing a swim cap to deal with the Toppik running down his head once it got wet. I told him about Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and how it could be done to supplement his hair transplant to increase the illusion of fullness, much like what he was doing with the concealers. He had the SMP done and was able to give up the Toppik dependency.

He said, “Now I swim without a swim cap and you can not believe the freedom I got by that SMP treatment. I am single and now that my hair looks like I am 40 again, my life has turned another page“.

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