Hi Dr. Rassman,

What are your thoughts on the “No Poo” method of washing your hair, that is using baking soda, rather than commercial shampoos?

I recently tried this and liked the heavier texture it gave my otherwise fine, thinning hair. After about a month, however, I feel my hair looks thinner. Do you think the extra build up of oils could actually cause an issue with the hair follicle? I use minoxodil foam as well- could there be some reaction?

It could be my imagination, but I think I’ll just take the blue pill on this one and go back to regular shampoo. Still interested in your opinion though!

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I honestly don’t have a clue. I don’t recall ever reading anything about minoxidil and baking soda having any interaction issues, nor have I had any patients tell me that was their regimen. If it works for you, then it works for you. If the baking soda isn’t giving you the desired texture, I guess you can go back to shampoo. I don’t have an opinion on this one!

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