In the News – Newspaper Suggests Cayenne Pepper and Vodka Can Regrow Hair


Q. My beautician told me to add 8 ounces of vodka to a whole can of cayenne pepper, let it sit overnight, strain and apply it to the top of my scalp with a cotton swab to counteract hair loss. Does this work, or will it cause more hair loss?

A. Our first impulse was to discredit such a remedy. We feared that the ingredient in hot peppers, capsaicin, might be too irritating.

To our surprise, however, we discovered an article in Current Medicinal Chemistry (No. 29, December 2008) reporting that capsaicin can stimulate growth factors in the hair follicles of mice and in human volunteers with hair loss.

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Read the rest — Can cayenne pepper help reduce hair loss?

This was from a Q&A section that is syndicated to a bunch of different newspapers, but it’s not like they finally revealed the secrets we have held back from the public. The article they reference has no information about the human volunteers, nor does their response even mention the vodka that was part of the original question.

Cayenne and vodka will not regrow your hair, alone or combined.

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