Can Transplanted Hair Be Re-Transplanted if I Continue to See Thinning?

I am a 24 year old male who has somewhat of a receding hairline like my father who has the same hairline I have, but he is 57 years old. While he has maintained his hairline, the hair on the top of his head is noticeably thinner than on the sides.

What if I had a transplant primarily to the front of the scalp and then continued to thin elsewhere on my head. Since the hair in a transplant will not thin like the rest of the scalp as one ages, my question is can the transplanted hair be thinned out or even removed to blend better with the rest of the scalp?

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I wouldn’t recommend it, but I suppose what you’re asking can be done theoretically. However, if you have a good Master Plan and a good surgeon, you should be able to plan out how to address your hair needs now so that it doesn’t look bad even 50 years from now if you continue to thin.

Overall, I think you are missing the point… which is that you need to see a good surgeon (face to face) for an examination and a specific consultation for the planning of your individual needs.

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  1. Yes, Once all hair on your head is gone, we can take hair from your back, chest, or butt. We can even move your eyebrows to the top if you want to.

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