Bad Doctors or Bad Technicians?

Doc, I’ve learned many years ago the difference between a top doctor and an average one. Since then if I need to see a doctor I always try to see people at the top of their field. Especially when it comes to surgery which is a true art. My concern is the reliance on technicians. I know time is a consideration when dealing with a thousand or 2 hairs. You often see patients who had bad doctors. Maybe they had bad technicians. You have stressed the importance of the placement and angle of hair, yet you leave that to technicians. Technicians turn over quite a bit in any field. So there’s a good chance some workers are learning on a patients scalp. Not a comforting thought for someone who’s gone through enough emotional concern over hair loss, not to mention spending the money their spending for top work.

I’ve seen the difference between a gifted surgeon and an average one.. forget a technician. I guess there’s nothing one can do about the harvesting.. that requires technicians. Are there HT docs who do all the placement themselves?


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Hair transplant surgery cannot be done with just one person. It is a team effort between doctor and technician. A great surgeon cannot produce quality work without great technicians. It is true that there is technician turnover and technicians-for-hire who jump around to different clinics, so when you interview doctors you should also ask about the turn over or if they use per diem technicians.

New Hair Institute has been open for over 22 years. Many of my staff members have been with me for close to 15 to 20 years. That is how we produce quality work.

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