Two questions.

1. I know that stress can cause or “jump start” hair loss. But is it like normal girlfriend left me stress or only extreme stress over prolonged periods of time?

2. When you say there’s about a 51 percent chance of inheriting mpb from your mother’s side and 49 percent from your father, does it mean your mother’s father and only your father, with some variation or is it the entire side of the family with some variation? Or is it far far more complex?

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1. I would say extreme stress would be more likely to cause hair loss, though the amount of stress different people can handle will vary. Medical illness is also a stress, and some will even see hair loss following sickness. Most people who have stress induced hair loss will have some genetic factors that are present, though that isn’t always the case.

2. The majority of hair loss cases are from genetic causes. I have seen it coming from both sides of the family. Many young men, particularly with early advanced hair loss, can identify someone in their family that told them of the connections. Fathers, in particular, identify with their sons if they have MPB.

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