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The degree of thinning that you are experiencing would suggest that you should see a doctor who most likely conduct Bulk Measurements of your hair to determine the degree of the thinning that you are presently having. If the diagnosis is early genetic hair loss, the most common cause of hair loss in young men and you are probably following your father’s balding problem, then the best treatment would be the drug Finasteride, which is highly effective in men of your age, may not only stop the hair loss but possibly reverse it. If you are developing a more advanced balding pattern, the best test to get is the HAIRCHECK instrument test which will determine the Bulk Measurements of your hair.  This will show, over a one-year time frame, how effective the drug therapy will be. Once you know this information, then you and your doctor need to develop a MASTER PLAN which will define what you need.

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Thinning neck hair occurs as a genetic trait. When some men get older, they lose their neck hair. This can’t be stopped with finasteride.


I’m 29 and I was on Propecia & Minoxodil for almost eight years and I could save my hair till now but recently I am experiencing severe side effect from Propecia so I decided to stop it. I stopped Propecia two month ago and my hair is falling like rain! And I lost half of my hair in two month, what do I do?

We call this “catch-up hair loss” and it is one of the terrible things about stopping Finasteride when it is working well enough to hold on to most of your hair. Unfortunately, the sexual side effects are a complication that most men will not tolerate and eventually a hair transplant becomes the only option.



This is a post on reddit, a hair loss forum for young people, mostly men. This particular post discusses this man journey with drugs for his balding problem with photos and a full chronology, worth reading

If you’re sitting there wondering, "I’m losing my hair, what do I do?" then read my advice here. I’ve been fighting the fight for 7 years, with great success. (pictures included) from tressless


Ask a family member or a friend for an opinion before you jump in and do something that you might regret. There are many things that can be done for this.  If you are a male over 25, a hair transplant works great. However, I always tell young men like you that “A GOOD DECISION TODAY IS A GOOD DECISION TOMORROW” so if you are under 25, be patient and wait until you know how much balding you will develop.

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I had my FUE surgery two months ago and I am still numb throughout the front of my scalp. How long will it take to get better?

Persistent numbness does happen. You must realize that small nerves were damaged when the FUE surgery was performed and these nerves are recovering.  The numbness will eventually go away, just be patient.


How long does it take for body hair transplant to grow? It is now six months and on the part of my head where scalp hair transplants were placed there is very good growth but the part of my head where 500 body hairs were placed, only about 10 hairs grew.

The growth from body hair should be the same as scalp hair in the time that they appear but only at a 50 percent rate as 50 percent of body hairs are in the Telogen (sleep mode) state at any one time.  This 50 percent Telogen aspect of body hair is a permanent reality for these transplants.  Head hair has telogen for about 10% of its life and its cycled life is about 3 years.  Many doctors are not skilled in body hair transplants so growth may not always be as good as grafts do not come out as well when they are extracted with body hair transplants unless the surgeon has the needed experience with it.


You might have pulled out your hair from the heavy scratching. If it was the first time in that area, it will grow back, just give it abut six months. If you constantly do it in that area, you can develop traction alopecia which would then be permanent hair loss.

I remember a former patient of mine who was mugged about one year after a very successful hair transplant. The mugger grabbed him by his transplanted hair, robbed him, beat him up holding on to his hair and when he was finished, they pulled out his hair. He came directly to my office, all bloody with a broken nose and broken ribs, crying about his precious lost hair. I told him not to worry about his hair and sent him to an emergency room. He came back to see me eight months later and all of the hair that was pulled out, was back as good as it was prior to his mugging.

The message here is “one episode of pulling out hair is never permanent!”

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I’m a 38 year-old white male. I began taking Propecia in mid 2009 for what was becoming obvious thinning in my crown/vertex. A couple years later I added Minoxidil. My hairline never receded, that’s not an issue. Things are going well, no further loss happened that I can tell and I had some regrowth and thickening. From my photo, do you think it’s possible for me to have an FUE procedure that would add coverage to the top/crown to blend more with the sides? I like to wear my hair short, at a number one guard on the sides, so I’d like to avoid a strip scar. Do I have too much hair, would I just be making things worse with shock loss?  Your blog has been a great help in warning about the danger of over harvesting FUE grafts.  Also, I make about $60K/year so i would ask if a hair transplant realistically within my means?

From the pictures, I believe that the Finasteride and the Minoxidil have been holding on to your hair very nicely. I would continue with your current drug regimen. If you want to address the thinning appearance, then Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) works great. It is a non-surgical option that does not produce shock loss, which could happen with transplants, making your situation worse rather than better. Transplants might accelerate your balding process and you have been so successful in holding on to your hair (something that you probably don’t appreciate). I would think that SMP might be a better approach.

Here is a link to our website for this process:



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