This is a highly unusual complication of a hair transplant which I have seen posted on the web. I have seen necrosis in the mid-scalp (between the ears) when the patient was a smoker or when the surgeon made wounds that were too large and possibly too close together in combination. I have reported necrosis from internet posts here previously on I am perplexed about the cause of this problem and considering that we have performed well over 15,000 surgeries in the past 16 years and never seen this type of complication in the frontal portion of the scalp, I am wondering why more and more such problems are arising and being exhibited on the internet by worried patients. Surgical techniques certainly may have something to do with these problems and smoking may also be a contributing factor. I have written to this person and ask for more details.

I would be worth searching ‘necrosis’ in the search bar in the right upper hand corner of the screen to see more cases and some of my analysis in the past.

frontal necrosis.jpg