Do side effects from finasteride go away when the drug is stopped?

Most side effects go away when you stop finasteride, particularly the sexual side effects which might take a few weeks to go away. Rare patients report persistent sexual side effects but this seems very rare.  Sterility, is not a high priority on the list of side effects, but it may be real. Breast nodules and testicle problems often need to be addressed by a doctor

4 thoughts on “Do side effects from finasteride go away when the drug is stopped?

  1. In fact, a new study published today using a conservative method demonstrates the existence of these persistent sexual side effects is far more common (between 1-2% of users) than “very rare”.

    I hope this blog catches up with the times and starts informing potential customers of the actual risks of taking this purely cosmetic drug so there aren’t any more victims.

  2. Thank you for sharing information about side effects of drugs. I am very pleased to comment on this topic.

  3. Don’t sacrifice health for hair. Messing with hormones just to try and save some hair is not wise! Finasteride is NOT a safe drug!

  4. Hi would like to know the side effect of the finasteride to my husband who have prostate enlargement regarding his erection which affects his sexual activities.



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