Smoking and hair loss

I have been loosing my hair evenly for about four years. I quit smoking for about 6 months and noticed my hair had stopped falling out and was definitely filling in. I started smoking again about two weeks ago and the whole process started again . Needless to say I’m convinced that smoking is the cause of my hair loss and I’ve quit again for two days . I will not be smoking again as I love the hair. It’s may take a month or two to see a difference in the hair loss don’t get discouraged

Thanks for the information. People always ask me about the connection between hair loss and smoking. You seem to have nailed it.

2 thoughts on “Smoking and hair loss

  1. There definitely is a connection! In my temple region, when I smoke it starts to have the appearance that its thinning, and when I stop it thickens back up again. I think smoking speeds up genetic hair loss because there are those people with full heads of hair that do smoke.

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