21 Female with A Hair Loss Story

I (21F) have always had dense, silky straight hair. Around 2 years ago I noticed some sparser sections along my hairline, but I had pretty bad anxiety so I chalked up to that. About a year ago I went on BC (LoLo Fe) and noticed about 2 months after starting that my hair was starting to thin a lot. I could see parts of my scalp when I pulled my hair back that I couldn’t before, and my ponytail was close to half the size of what it had been (I previously could not see any scalp when my hair was wet, and now can see it along the sides and some on the top). I’ve recently gone off the pill, and noticed some sections of my hairline are growing back, but I still feel like I am losing a lot of hair. I read that going off BC can cause some short-term hair loss, so I am hoping this loss is just from the adjustment period. My question is, what can I do to best take care of my hair while it hopefully grows back? I’ve switched to a natural, sulfate free shampoo, and I do not use heat styling. I’ve also started eating healthier and oil massage my scalp occasionally. Are there any other steps I should be taking, like maybe switching to Nioxin or a different type of shampoo/conditioner? I was also wondering if I should continue to use a wide-tooth comb in the shower when I condition, as I was told it helps to spread the conditioner but it is also when I lose the most hair in the shower (wasn’t sure if this is too harsh on wet hair or not)

Birth Control pills can and often cause hair loss. The question to ask is it possible that you have genetic hair loss. Are any females in your family (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, have hair loss in any degree. If so, then you need to see an expert to see what you should do. (here are some of my posts on female hair loss which you might want to read: https://baldingblog.com/?s=female+hair+loss+blood+tests)

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