28 year old female who has seen many doctors about her hair loss (from Reddit)

I have been to 4 different doctors about my hair loss and none of them gave me a diagnosis or treatment recommendation other than Rogaine.  I am not happy with the results of the Rogaine and I want a solution to find out what is wrong with me and what can I do about it. Any suggestions you might offer will be helpful.

You most likely have some component of female genetic hair loss. I look at you and would ask: How can I help you if you came to see me. Assuming that your blood tests and medical history was clear of causes for hair loss, I would do the following:

1- Perform a hair transplant in the frontal 1 1/2 inches where there is clear balding

2- Perform Scalp Micropigmentation for the rest of your scalp where your hair is thinning as hair transplants don’t do well with thinning hair in women (see here: https://scalpmicropigmentation.com/smp-for-women/)

See if you can find a doctor who can do both of these processes. If not, consider coming to Los Angeles, as we do offer travel subsidies.

female hair loss Tx plus SMP

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