How many FUE grafts in a Megasession are too many FUEs grafts and how does one know what the safe limits are?

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT READ FOR ANYONE WANTING TO HAVE FUE;  I wrote this article in the past issue of Hair Transplant Forum (Volume #27, #2, May/June 2017) which I believe defines a very important guideline for determining how many FUE grafts are safe. This is illustrated well in the previous post below. We are

Statistics on FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) / FOX Negative Patients

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) when it was popularized in 2002 at the ISHRS meeting (Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hair Transplantation) did not have a popularized name. We thought FUE (“foo-yee”) was not a very sexy name. Thus we called it FOX (FOllicular unit eXtraction). We identified many patients where FUE or FOX