A doctor gave me finasteride but I am not sure I want to take it

I have a good amount of hair, but I noticed my temples receded just a little bit. I’d consider myself maybe a NW 1.5. I went to a dermatologist last Friday and he agreed that my temples had receded and offered Finasteride. I agreed. Now that I have the medication in front of me, I’m having second thoughts. Am I really losing my hair or no? I wish I had a magic way of knowing if I am going to go bald or if my hair will never recede past this point. I’m afraid if I take Fin, it will create a problem. Like if I stop taking it, I will go bald. Even though I may not have if I never took it in the first place. My dad’s side of the family all have hair. My mom’s side is iffy. Grandfather on my mom’s side had hair before he passed. My grandmother on my mom’s side has some bald/balding brothers. My uncle on my mom’s side has hair but it has receded. Last few days people have been telling me “you don’t need fin, you have nice thick hair”. So I’m just conflicted on what to do.  

Before committing a lifetime on finasteride, get a HAIRCHECK test ( https://baldingblog.com/haircheck-test-how-it-is-done-video/ ) to get a metric on your balding process. You must know where you are starting and where you are going on the treatment plan.

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