Your Best Arguments For Fin (From Reddit)

I’m 20 years old and have been receding at my temples for the past year or two, and I’m not happy about it. There are no signs of it stopping. I think it is now passing the point of a “mature hairline”.

I’m very conflicted on whether or not to try finasteride because of my age and concerns about hormones and affecting things like facial hair development, sexual function, and god knows what else that DHT does. I only just turned 20. I think it’s early enough to catch and stop with fin, though.

I thought I’d do a post both here and in r/bald to get the “steel man” arguments from both perspectives. What are your best arguments/evidence for why finasteride is nothing to worry about? Feel free to go all out.

Thanks guys. Just trying to figure out the best option.

Dr. Rassman’s Comments: The risks of taking finasteride are low. There are many posts that discuss the sexual side effects that impact 2-4% of patients that take finasteride and for those patients, the problem is real, but for the other 96-98% of people who take it, they don’t have these side effects. On many of these Reddit posts, I see some wonderful results reported by this readership after using finasteride for a year and we have seen a significant number of young men reverse the balding. This reversal is probably temporary but getting your hair back or stopping the loss when you are young enough to enjoy your hair is priceless and probably worth taking the ‘plunge’.
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