Brow Lift with Hair Loss in Woman with FFA

I can so relate to the brow loss hair post.  I’m so fearful that I made a bad decision about having a forehead lift because I, too, am losing lots of hair from the top and sides of my head. I am 7 weeks out and panic stricken because, around the incision, I am starting to look bald. It looks like I have cradle cap which is starting to come off and surface is raw underneath. Im using Silva dine on it. My surgeon keeps saying it’s all fine but I look horrible. The suture line has not healed yet. I do have a condition called Frontal Fibrotic Alopecia. Oddly enough, the hair transplants in the area are growing! HELP!

Women who lose hair from shock loss often have that hair return after a period of 4-6 months when the anagen phase kicks in. Frontal Fibrotic Alopecia generally causes hair loss in the frontal area and sooner or later it will most likely cause you to lose the transplants in the frontal area.

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