Can I See a Trichologist to Diagnose Hair Loss?

Would trichologists be a good place to go to diagnose genetic hair loss. Consultation with examination is a bit expensive so I’d like your opinion on it. I’m seeing one in 2 days and what he plans to do is take some of my hair and examine it under the microscope. Would you have any idea on the effectiveness for diagnosis with this method vs the scalp mapping for miniaturization? I’m 26 asian male with a full head of hair (although not as thick or a lot compared to in HS)Is it still a good idea to see these specialist anyways even though Im not exhibiting any clear observational signs of balding (my diabetic father thinned and had bad hair loss at 46 and his younger brother balded in his teens…grandfather on both sides have hair although diabetic mother on father’s side has extremely thin hair pretty much balding)

I can not tell you what the trichologist will see or what he/she is looking for. Without miniaturization studies I do not believe that hair loss patterns for genetic hair loss can be anticipated. The miniaturization study is a microscopic examination of your scalp. If your trichologist is doing this, and knows what to look for, then you’re a step in the right direction.

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